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    The wide limb design and long fade outs on my recurves create a total working limb that tapers to a narrow tip for superb smoothness. The sight window on my recurves are cut 3/16" past center for the best arrow flight. Both the shelf and the sight window are radius cut. With a brace height of 7 ½" the bow is extremely quiet shooting with stability and speed unsurpassed.

    I offer three models of recurves: Mentor and Stealth in takedown and one piece bows, and the Partner in takedown bow only. The finish on each bow is moisture resistant, flexible and is the most durable finish I have found. It is a clear satin finish, which is dull enough there is no need to camo your bow.

    I offer checkering, which is a wide diamond pattern consisting of 7 lines per inch on the palm of the riser section. When wearing a glove, the checkering gives you added traction and adds additional beauty to your bow.

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